Sunday, October 28, 2012

Studio Portraits: Ladies Part 2

More lovely vintage ladies. The Warren photos come from the estate of Vern Carstens, Reardan, Washington.

All studio photos copyright studios of origin.

Myrtle Eleanor Warren
Paige Studio, Spokane, Washington

Myrtle Eleanor Warren
Stewart Studio, New York, New York

Postcard Portrait 1912

Postcard Portrait 1913

Dorian Studio, Spokane, Washington
Studio still in operation today.

"Jennie Doctor, mother's friend."
Hopkins Studio, Holland, Michigan


Agvire Studio, Spokane, Washington


Francis James Studio, Spokane, Washington

Libby Art Studio, Spokane, Washington

A Carte de Visite, Hess Studio

Drysdale Perry Studio, Superior, Wisconsin

Friday, October 26, 2012

Studio Portraits: Distinguished Gentlemen Part 2

More portraits of men, from different eras, I would guess from the late 1800s to the 1920s. Some of these came from the estate of Reardan, Washington farmer Vern Carstens. There was an estate sale at the farm a few years back and I'm always surprised, pleasantly, to find old family photos. If there are names written on them I can sometimes find out something about the people via the Internet. The Carstens home is on one of my regular country routes.
Studio photos copyright studios of origin.
Paige Studio, Davenport, Washington
Libby Art Studio, Spokane, WA
Libby Studio was officially in operation from 1911-1969. The banner on either side of the shield reads 1917, so it could be the year it was produced. Charles A. Libby started working in his sister's studio in 1898 and started his own in 1901. 

E.J. O'Leary Studio, Holland Michigan
Holland, Michigan figures prominently in one of my estate groups, perhaps the Jeanetta Lystra estate, a purchase of family photos I made in the early 1990's.

H.L.(?) Olson Studio, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Reverend Hulst

Reverend Hulst
H. Baumgarter Studio, Holland, Michigan

Russell Swart
Arthur Gillette Studio

Grandpa Lystra
Electro Photo Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan

"To My Little Wife to be"
Cesar H. Biernard
Swisher Studio

William Thomas Warren
Maxwell Studio, Spokane Falls, Washington
One of my favorites, an old Spokane Falls-era portrait. That version of the city name was short-lived, used between 1883 and 1891. It was Spokan Falls from 1881-1883, and then Spokane from 1891 to the present. A 1908 newspaper shows that G.H. and C.A. Libby, photographers, were located in the Wolverton Block.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Studio Portraits: Ladies Part 1

One of my favorite things about collecting vintage photos is when someone's face comes through time and stops you in your tracks. You look into their eyes and you start to see that they are not so much different than we are now, they just "wear" a different era. Some images have typical generic looks, like photos you may have passed over in a history textbook, but some really stand out.
In the early days of photography, exposure times were very long so it would have been difficult for someone to hold a smile. There is another vintage photo blog out there where the creator has put up posts called "Smiling Victorians." Some of those were likely shot by individuals with cameras, rather than studio photographers. Once folding bellows-style and box cameras were out on the market, people began taking the types of informal personal photos that we've been taking ever since.
Studio portraits copyright studios of origin.  
Classic Flapper hair.

Aunt Bessie Van der Wall
Cage Studio, Spokane, Washington

Apgar Studio Marshalltown, Iowa.

Lucerne Studio, Portland, Oregon

A well-documented shot, given to me in a Victorian album. In beautiful pen and ink lettering on the back: "Edith Frances Perkins P.H.S. '98" Later fountain pen reads: "Lives at 25 1/2 Atlantic Ave Beverly, Mass." I was able to find that P.H.S. is Peabody High School, and that she was on their Merit Scholar list for 1898.
 Hussey Studio, Salem, Mass.

Is it just me, or does this one look a little Bride of Frankenstein? It might be just a woman named Violet, but I haven't yet verified her identity.

I found this stunning, hand-colored portrait of Violet inside of a frame, behind the displayed photo. That was a good thing because it protected the paper from the elements, and gave me a nice surprise!
Frances James Studio, Spokane

Monday, October 22, 2012

Studio Portraits: Distinguished Gentlemen Part 1

Most of my cabinet photo-type studio portraits feature ladies, but I make sure the men are represented...partly by choice, mostly by chance.

Portraits copyright studios of origin.

Walter Ratcliffe
Fielden Studio, Columbia, Tennessee

Lewis Studio, No. Troy, Vermont

J. O. Thompson Studio, Windom, Minnesota
Lindstad Studio, Ambrose & Crosby, North Dakota

Verl Fleming
Hartsook Studio, numerous California locations.

Lasswell Studio, (Cedar Rapids, Iowa?)

Cesar H. Beirnard
Mabel Sykes Studio, Chicago, Illinois

Agvire Studio, Spokane, Washington

Henninger Studio, Olean, New York

P.G. Anderson Studio, Redfield, South Dakota

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Studio Portraits: Families

I have portraits from studios across the U.S. and parts of Europe. Most of these are from the turn of the 20th Century; at least two are dated on the front.

All portraits copyright the original photographers and/or studios. Here in town the family of a prominent commercial photographer still manages the rights to his work, which ranged from the late 1880s into the 1950s.

Most should be natural tone but some files had been converted to grayscale. A blue cast may show up on some, it is a reflection of the scanner light source.

Baird Studio, Astoria, Illinois


Capt. James and Mrs. MacQuarrie, Sadie, Jennie and Lila. Pistou, Nova Scotia. Autumn, 1897.

Peterson Foto, Devil's Lake, North Dakota