Saturday, November 10, 2012

Military Men: Germany, Korea, and Stateside

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day in the U.S. so I thought I'd share some of the men-in-uniform shots from the collection. I don't know if I have any photographs of women in uniform, but  we know they have been there in varying roles over the decades as well.

Tec 3 Leon W. Slade's discharge card, effective October 7, 1945. He was a shipping and receiving clerk who at one time attended the Army Ordinance School. He served in the European African Middle East Theater.

The next seven photos look to have been taken in Germany. They are scans of negatives and some of them are in rough shape. It's nice to be able to salvage something out of them for posterity.

The crew of a PBM Mariner.

Naval ceremony, photo dated 1939.

One of the estates I acquired containes the photo equivalent of a "little black book" from one of these guys. It contains photos of girls with notes on the back such as height and weight.

A portrait stamped by the Crescent department store, Spokane, Washington.

Future Washington State District 6 Representative Richard M. Bond, on the right.

Estate photo from the guy on the left.

Lloyd Kemmish, wife and son. I believe he last served in Great Falls, Montana.
This next three photos appear to be to be "in-country" shots from the Korean War.

He knows he's leaning on a bomb, right?

I believe the guys in the two shots above were attending lineman training at Fort Hood, Texas.

Hey, Joe, I don't think that collar pop is regulation. Other shots of this guy show he is pretty proud of his 1950 Mercury.
More to come.

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