Sunday, November 11, 2012

Siblings Who Served: Jim and Pat Latham, USAF

On this Veteran's Day it came to mind that I did have photos of at least one woman who served. Pat Latham was an officer who served in Personnel and she was the younger sister of Jim, a fighter pilot.

I have acquired two photo albums which were assembled by Pat. They contain her mother Emily's photographs. According to a note in the front of one, the photos were divided between the siblings in 1988. I would guess that if Pat is still around, she'd be in her early 80s.

It looks like Jim's military career came to a close just after the Korean War, and Pat's started a few years later, in 1956. By 1976 she had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Her assignments included Scott AFB, Langley AFB, and Fairchild AFB.

Jim in an enlisted uniform with mother Emily.

Pilot Jim, ready for action.

Lieutenant Jim, strickes a classic pose on an F-47. Emblem is from the 133rd Fighter Squadron. It was a New Hampshire Air National Guard Unit, designated in 1946 and then Federalized during the Korean War. The squadron was returned to New Hampshire control in 1954.
Lieutenant Jim, by the F-47 prop.

Lieutenant Jim and an F-84.

Officer Candidate Pat, with mother and Jim, Christmas 1956. These are faded color prints, I was able to bring some of the lost colour back by adjusting the Hue and Saturation.

Ofiicer Candidate School graduation photo, First Lieutenant Pat.

With Jim at the Alamo, after OCS graduation. Pat attended OCS at Kelly AFB, in San Antonio.

Military parade at Langley AFB, August 1967. Three C-130s and one C-7 in the background.

Lieutenant Colonel Pat with mother, Thanksgiving 1976. It's a nine year jump from the previous photo but there are no shots of her in uniform from that period.

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