Monday, December 31, 2012

G.I.'s at New Year's Eve and Pasadena, California January, 1945

The New Year's photos are scans of larger-than-normal negatives which haven't been stored well. It looks like the revelers are Army medics and friends.

The color shots are Kodachrome slides which were taken by an Army sergeant, perhaps a hometown boy home on leave. He photographed the preparations for the Rose Parade and also photographed the festivities at the Rose Bowl football game. The stadium shots were taken with b/w film.

These are old scans, I'll probably take another crack at them down the road. I have a photo of the sergeant but can't seem to find him at this time.

Looks right out of a movie, doesn't he?

Umm...sir...I don't think that's a regulation hat.

Filling in for Jimmy Stewart...

Roundabouts: Part of our past and part of our future, it seems.

Lockheed float with a Constellation over the globe.

I do not know the make of this car but I think I might have seen it in a movie.

A closer look.
Happy New Year 2013!

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